About us

Hi there,

I am Nishi, the face behind the brand. Initiated having a desirous urge to style a single outfit in various ways and up cycle them, I started to feel a profound connect with fashion. I felt alive personifying myself through colours, textures, patterns, art and perspectives that truly kindled my passion. Grabbed every opportunity to design for my mom and sister, it always evoked a sense of euphoria in me.

​Channelling my ongoing admiration through designing, I invested myself in the required expertise through an advanced study in fashion and then chanced upon the idea of translating it to a brand and share the joy. Founded my clothing line of Indian outfits. The idea of explosion of my share in making the world a better place and making every ordinary woman feel extraordinary. As a fashion brand, my focus is to provide a solution to all the outfit problems by engaging with the community, making the relationship less transactional and more collaborative. Unconventional techniques and patterns purely hand-crafted with quality conscious craftsmanship, Nishi Madaan Label is for women of all age groups who are constantly experimenting and redefining fashion boundaries meeting every price point. 

And I’m so happy to see you’re here, I hope you find something you love! 

- Nishi Madaan.